ASL Class Description

Beginner/Intermediate ASL Class

This course will Cover Lessons 1-20 and apply conversations in Courtesy Phrases, Descriptive signs and feelings, Taking classes and time, Course signs, using numbers and money signs, eating in restaurants and shopping using money and number signs,discussing time and leisure activities. You will learn directional verbs that change the meanings of a sentence in space. Opposites, Relations and Places, family signs, cities and Occupational signs. You will also learn basic emergency signs and how to help out in an emergency and when having car trouble etc. Finally you will learn time line signs, talking about time and time adverbs. We will also play games pertaining to food, objects and animals and learn the signs in Unit 1 and 2 for the ASL Board Game. Example

Intermediate ASL Class

This course will Cover Lessons 21-36. This class will cover the introduction of Classifiers and using classifiers in a dialogue.. Traveling to Games and socializing. You will learn sports and leisure signs. We will expand our emergency signs from the beginner class to working with law enforcement and helping out in natural disasters.. We will learn about going to a dentist and doctor using Health and body related signs. Next we will have conversations in travel plans and schedules and place you can visit using the many Time-line signs learned in the beginner class. During the class we will continue our vocabulary for units 3-10 for the board game and conversations and play the board game every 4 weeks.. We will also play games for advanced occupations etc to add onto what you learned in the Beginner course. For your projects you will learn to sign songs using ASL which will expand your use of idioms and street language and 52 Idioms and how to use them in ASL Grammar Sentence Structure etc. Finally you will start watching and interpreting famous Deaf and other stories like Deafula and ASL Story Competition  etc.

ASL at Work

This class is about everyday life and in the work environment. You will study Introducing Ourselves, Learning ASL, People at Work, Making Appointments, Work Duties, Sharing Personal Information, Where People Live, Time and Activities, Asking for Assistance, Discussing Weather, Schedules and Events, Discussing Health, Locating Objects, Hobbies and Interest, Spending Money and Explaining Procedures. Example 1 and Example 2

Medical Situations, Emergencies, Natural Disasters Class- 36 week class taken in 12 week increments

Class One - You will learn basic signs in the medical profession along with small emergencies and natural disasters. This class also teaches asking information in sickness, traffic stops and other medical situations.

Class Two - You will study medical situations in a hospital setting and sentence structure etc.

Class Three – Some of the 13 chapters you will study are:

Chapter 1.............................33 Discussing Pain

Chapter 2.............................85 Specifics of the Patient's Pain

Chapter 3.............................129 What Relieves or Intensifies the Pain? Example

Numbers and Math Class - Great for all. Especially those dealing with numbers, banking, sales and everyday life. Example

In this class you will learn math and number terminology including

How Many - numbers and multiples of 100, emphasis Large and mixed numbers, Approximations, Number representation and Quantifiers.

Money – cents, Finger-spelling Cents, dollars Mixed Money Signs and Approximate Money Signs

Finances – Payment and Spending, Income, Losses, Finance-Related Signs and Finance-Related Occupations

Measurements – Numerical Signs Showing Quantity and Frequency, Quantifiers, Fractions, Body Measurements and Vehicle-Related and Computer-Related Signs

How Long – Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks and Months. Years and Duration

How Often – Numerical Time Frequency Sign and other Frequency Signs

When – Signs for Telling Time, Time Estimates, The Timeline in ASL, Year and Date Signs

Age – Age Signs

Sports – Sports-Related Vocabulary, Placement and Scores

Where, Which - Location, Places, Rank or Order in Family and Ordinal Numbers

Personal Numbers - Identification Numbers and Signs for Specific Things

Scientific Numbers – Scientific Numbers

Extras: 57 Extra Math and Number Signs, Deaf Culture in Interpreting Sound Effects and Reading Lips, ASL and Deaf Culture and Deaf Culture under Construction

Idioms and Slang

In this class you will learn over 400 Idioms time permitting glossed into ASL Sentences and Role Play. One of the most difficult things in learning a language in school is going out into the real world and realizing how little you know and without the use of Idioms, Slang and Street Language you will be lost. Let us help you bridge that gap. We will then use them and learned material from the other classes in a 20 page conversation. 

Some Idioms are...

Piece of cake

better than nothing

chip in

Don't feel like

if I were you

jump to conclusions

lost in though


to talk on and on

word on the street/heard it through the grapevine

beat around the bush

disappear into thin air

and hundreds more....

Religion and the Church

You will learn

ASL Vocabulary pertaining to Weddings, People in the Church, Everyday Sentences, Storytelling using Idioms and Phrases and Everyday words. We will also learn to sing and sign religious songs and have a typical conversation related to the church and church activities setting. 

Sample Conversations 

Are you a Christian?

Have you been baptized?

Which church do you belong to?

I go to church every Sunday?

I heard through the grapevine you were married. Is it true?

We will also teach you to sing and sign a religious song


Singing and Signing

This class is strictly for those that want to learn to sing and sign. Class Project will be to gloss a song given to you. This class is for students that have at least an intermediate knowledge of ASL Example 

Social Media, Politics and Service Related Professions

In this class you will learn several hundred signs relating to social media, Politics and several service related professions including Hotels,Restaurants and Bars. We will take these signs and use them in conversations and role play. You will also learn the popular signs for fast food restaurants, Walmart etc. and many businesses used by the Deaf Community.

We offer private tutoring and some classes. Also ask about our group rates through our contact form here.

We will be continually adding classes so continue to check back or request these classes at your group's location.

Classes we offer and can offer are:

  • Beginner ASL Course
  • Beginner/Intermediate Course
  • ASL at Work
  • Medical Courses (3)
  • Human Sexuality and Science ( integrated in medical courses)
  • Numbers Course
  • Social Studies
  • Religion in the Church (conversations and topics related to the Church)
  • Idioms and Slang
  • Singing and Signing (includes a course on glossing your own songs)

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